Tradingberry is brought to life in a little home-studio in Málaga, Spain. The whole process is driven by just one person, myself. With some little but necessary help from time to time from my loved ones. 

I got myself into this crazy-traditional-badass-handcrafted art called screen printing a year ago, since then, the learning curve has gone faster than I thought at first (I think that has to do with spending 32 hours a day next to a mesh screen for the first six months). I started to print some of my designs on tees (what I consider to be one of the best canvases) and suddenly everything began to take shape into what you can see now. 


Not long ago I was reading this business book and it talked about "DIFY". I already knew of "DIY" and was a devoted follower of it, but I'd never thought about "Do It For Yourself" before. How long do you spend a day doing things just for yourself? just for your own care, for your own knowledge, for your own health. Tradingberry was born to help me with that; since the beginning it has been the silver lining when trying to answer that question. 


As I mentioned before, tees are a great canvas, but I don't limit my creations just to that, I can screen print on almost every surface. I neither limit it to my current mediums, because this is not just about today, it is about where you wanna get, so don't take that as a limitation, just explore, try.